Beer Season is here!

huge beer stock, domestic and importedThere are lots of summer beers on hand now! We have Sam Adams Summer, Sierra Nevada Summer and Kellerweis (they're yeasty wheat), Blue Moons HoneyMoon is here too. We recently did a Newport Storm tasting here and both their Amber and Summer Ale went over really well. Don’t forget about European beers for the summer time too, some of the Pilsen styles like Zywiec from Poland or Pilsner Urquel from the Czech Republic can be very refreshing.

For party purposes, the beer log business has many new offerings. With about 60 beers per log it is not too much of a stretch to feed your friends good beer out of a keg.

Don't get mad Bud fans there is just a lot of beer snobs out there that don't think of kegs as good beer. Stop on by and we can talk about your favorites.